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    block machine wiki

    what the advantages of cement brick machine?

    Cement brick making machine can use many cheap materials to produce road slabs, cement bricks, etc. These materials include: fly ash, sand, waste residue, waste stone powder, construction waste, etc., whether it is to produce road slabs or road slabs. All bricks of cement must be equipped with corresponding molds. The use of compression molding technology to produce pavement bricks and cement bricks has the advantages of good product consistency and strong pressure resistance. The road slabs and cement bricks produced are specially used for the sidewalks on both sides of the expressway with high coordination. As long as road construction is inseparable from road slabs and cement bricks, sales can be guaranteed.

    HGMA block making machine in africaThe cement brick making machine produced by our factory can press various patterns of pavement bricks, slope protection bricks, cement bricks, etc., and add pigments, and can press various colors of colorful pavement bricks. The cement brick machine equipment adopts hydraulic transmission, integrated oil circuit and electrical control, and has the characteristics of high automation, low noise, long service life, convenient operation and compact structure.

    The equipment is designed and installed with a movable sliding beam, the force is even, the mold cover is not easy to rotate, and the positioning is accurate and reliable. Can realize automatic return, automatic stop and other functions.
    The cement brick making machine ensures the consistency of product weight and strength. Adopt heavy-duty structure design. Use high-strength steel, manufactured by special welding technology. It can ensure that the body has good rigidity, self-weight, and will not resonate with the excitation system. The service life of cement brick making machine.
    Based on the principle of seeking truth and being pragmatic, technological innovation, quality first, and customer first, we continue to introduce advanced technology and modern management experience at home and abroad, and formulate strict process standards, strict quality control systems and testing methods.


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