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    Automatic brick collecting machine price

    Automatic brick collecting machine price-how much is an automatic brick machine
    At present, most customers in the market use simple production line equipment for cement brick making machines. Manual stacking of bricks is not only the labor intensity of the brick factory workers, but also the labor and the low production efficiency, and it is not conducive to the standard and safe production management of the factory. .
    Introduction of automatic brick collecting machine

    Aiming at the stacking drawbacks of the simple block production line, the fully automatic brick stacking machine independently developed by Fujian Huagong Machinery Co., Ltd. can be installed near the brick curing yard to stack the cured semi-finished bricks on the spot and realize the separation of the automatic brick machine pallets. It is mainly composed of brick code device, board device, walking system, lifting system, conveying system, hydraulic system and intelligent control system.
    How much is an automatic brick machine

    The price of this set of automatic brick collecting machine is reasonable and reasonable. How much is the whole set of automatic brick machine? It depends on the model of the matching brick machine production line. Generally, the price is more than 300,000 yuan. In fact, the price of the equipment depends on the manufacturer. The specific configuration of the machine, after all, the materials of the mechanical equipment are different, and the quality of the equipment is good or bad, and the price of the automatic brick machine is of course different.


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