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    Welcome: HGMA
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    Brick Making Machine

    • QT5-15 block m?achine
    QT5-15 block m?achine

    QT5-15 block m?achine

    • Product description: QT5-15 block making m?achine adopts imported PLC control and touch screen display.

    QT5-15 block making machine adopts imported PLC control and touch screen display.

    1.Hydraulic system use imported components with more stable performance, fully meeting the long time continuous working demand of users, free from trouble.

    2.Strong exciting force, and evenly viaraton distribution, fully meet the needs of the use of different raw materials to produced qualified products with higher denisty, saving a lot of pallet costs for investors.

    3.Unique Assembly Mold with high wear-resistant anti-fatigue design provides long service time and accurate dimension of products, each group of molds may replace with low maintence costs.

    4.Feeding system using a unique forced arch-breaking device, suitable for different mould cavity products fabric, evenly without dead ends.

    Cycle Time
    15-20(s) Total Power 37.4(kw)
    Vibration Type hydraulic vibration Motor Frequency 50hz
    Machine Dimension 9450×3300×2700(mm) Pallet Size 1100*560*20(mm)
    Vibration Force 68KN Gross Weight 6900kg

    Hollow Blocks 390x190x190mm
    5 7200-9600
    Porous Bricks 240x115x90mm
    16 23040-30720
    Interlocking Block 200x100x60mm
    18 21600-25920
    Solid Bricks 240x115x51mm 34 48960-65620

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    Mobile phone: 008615375766222
    Viber: 008615375766222

    E-mail: blockmachinemaker@gmail.com

    E-mail: okblockmachine@gmail.com

    FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/okblockmachine

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